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Sons Of Stance

Sons Of Stance – Shut Up And Drive Low!

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Low Divison

Low Division – Stance League Dept. – Classic Series

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Go LOW or go home

Shirt with a clear message: Go low or go home!

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Automotive Passion

Awesome design which shows what we’re all about: low cars and stance love paired with automotive passion.

Go to Get Low No Matter How

Get Low No Matter How

Static Or Air – We Don’t Care – Get Low No Matter How

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Low United

Low United – Official Lowlife Apparel

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Ultimate Stance Divison

Ultimate Stance Divison – Low Lifestyle Apparel

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Build To Race

1976 – GTI MK1 – Build To Race

About fenderkilla motorwear

Where cars and fashion come together

The idea for Fenderkilla Motorwear was born in early 2015 and developed from our deep passion for lowered cars. Whether dropping your ride static or via air, whatever brand is your favourite, whatever style you identify with, we all share this special love for lowered and unique cars. Being around in the scene for almost 15 years now, a bunch of fashion-conscious friends decided to try something new, an idea that came up over the last years and finally leads into this what you can see here - FENDERKILLA MOTORWEAR. Enjoy our designs, wear them and have fun!

  • ...and many more to come

  • ...being part of the scene since 1998

  • ..since the day of getting the drivers licence :-)